“Avators of the new generation of bolero costeño interpreters” Folk Roots, UK


“Unique, unheard of” Disquero, La Jornada, México


“They bring a youthful touch to the bolero” Reforma, México


“A pair of fresh voices for the bolero” Milenio, México


“Youngsters revindicate the bolero tradition from the Costa Chica”. La Razón, México


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Biography & Reviews


The story of two young sisters from an isolated part of Guerrero state, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, began in the early summer of 2016 when the founders of a small Mexican record label –Discos Corasón– travelled to the town of Omepetec on the trail of a legendary bolero composer, Álvaro Carrillo, who was from the same region. What the two producers found was a hive of composers and musicians whose style retains the magic of the original costal boleros that fascinated the likes of Frank Sinatra in the 1950s. In this privileged, home-grown world of singers and composers, Las Hermanas García stood out from the crowd. They were recorded by Corasón in August of the same year, made their national debut in Latin America’s most prestigious arts festival in October and launched the CD to a university crowd of over 1,000 people in Mexico City in January 2017. During the past year, this success has been repeated time and again, both on the live stage and in the digital world, where the title track of their first album has registered over one million strikes on Spotify. They are now working on their second album, a tribute to costal boleros from all over Latin America, arranged according to the tastes of their native Costa Chica.

The first meeting of Discos Corasón with Las Hermanas García was on the roof of a building in the musicians’ quarter of Ometepec, a town with no recording studios or concert halls, where the three cultures –Amuzgo Indian, Afro Mexican and mestizo– share the same musical repertoire of romantic boleros and upbeat chilena dance music. Laura García had just turned 16 and her sister Celia was 14. Their father, Mariano, a virtuoso requinto guitarist and arranger, had taught them the repertoire that has made him famous in the region and, over the past eight years, the two girls had become part of his band. Following the recording of ‘Que Sepan Todos’ (Discos Corasón), Mariano now accompanies and directs his daughters’ band and is enjoying the regional and national success that he had always dreamed of. Their first interview with the national press was filmed by the La Jornada newspaper reporter and this post was viewed by more than one million people. It was a great start to their career!

Mariano García is Amuzgo Indian and the girls’ mother, Eugenia Santiago is a mestizo composer. One of the numbers on the band’s repertoire is a very personal version of the classic Álvaro Carrillo bolero, ‘Sabor a Mí’ a song which had been translated into 26 languages and has been a big hit recently for the Korean by band EXO-K. For the version by Las Hermanas García, Mariano translated the lyrics from Spanish into his native Amuzgo and, for the first time ever, the song is now bilingual – with Laura singing in Spanish and her father in Amuzgo.

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A few recent press comments:

Huffington Post 14.02.2018


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La Jornada Online

First ever interview with the national press: more than 1 million views!

What they are saying about Las Hermanas García:IMAG2196 A

                                                                                                               Grisel Sande – Wife of Eliades Ochoa

   “Bellas niñas con un talento que solo dios concede”. (beautiful girls with a god-given talent)


Captura de pantalla 2018-01-29 18.15.25

Mariana Giménez – Actress, National Theatre Company

Listen here

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                                              Óscar Sarquiz – Expert, Rock & World Music

                                                                                                   Listen here


Captura de pantalla 2018-01-29 18.25.45

Alejandro Preisser – Founder, Triciclo Circus  Band

Listen here


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Listen this Las Hermanas García Playlist
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Videoclip of a classic mexican bolero, sung in the local indigenous languages

Videoclip of this famous mexican bolero wich, thanks to the Las Hermanas García has finally been translated in to ‘amuzgo’, the natice indian language of the region where its composer, Álvaro Carrillo, was born.

Eliades Ochoa meets Las Hermanas García

The Cuban star praises them and gives them advice.

¡Música Maestro!

Las Hermanas García were guests of the iconic bolero singer Armando Manzanero

Casa del Lago, The National University, UNAM

More than 1,000 people went  to the launch concert by Las Hermanas García at the UNAM in January 2017

Debut, Festival Internacional Cervantino, October 2016

Their debut performance was part of the 2016 Festival Cervantino, almost unheard of for such young artists.

Un minuto de amor, clip

First ever video, filmed in Cacahuatepec, Oaxaca, when Celia was only 14

Las Hermanas García en ‘Conversando con Cristina Pacheco’

Their first TV interview  was with the iconic, TV presenter, Cristina Pacheco, on Channel 11

Videos for social media

The sisters make frequent amateur videos for Facebook, in order to speak to fans in their own words.

Sabor a mi, the story of a special bilingual version

Most recently, they spoke of how they are finding young fans for the old repertoire and the origins of their first bilingual release

 Management: mary@corason.com

On Stage

On Stage

Technical Requeriments


Technical Requirements



 Management and representation: mary@corason.com


Line Up


Celia García : First voice

Laura García : Second voice, acoustic guitar

Mariano García: Requinto (lead) guitar, acoustic

César Adrián Reyna : Electric bass


Bilingual tour manager

Company of five people, (accomodation in three double rooms)

Spanish spoken, with English translation if required



These artists are working with young girls in the Costa Chica to help them compose music and lyrics as part of a campaign against gender violence. In an illustrated, question and answer concert, they share the story of where they come from and what the music means to them and their concert workshops also include information about vocal styles and how to interpret old love songs for a new audience. Each song they perform is accompanied by information and examples that bring the repertoire alive and make the encounter with these artists an unforgettable experience.

Management: mary@corason.com

Upcoming concerts

Upcoming concerts

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June 6 to 14


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